Grid analyses

  • Grid modelling – creation and editing of calculable grid models
  • Grid calculation – carrying out a wide range of calculations for electricity grids
  • Grid connection requests – assessing the grid compatibility of new loads or generation plants
  • Reliability calculation – Calculation of reliability indicators for the supply reliability of a grid
  • Dynamic grid simulation – calculation of dynamic grid behaviour

Grid development

  • Target grid planning – determination of grid structures for the future supply task
  • Project-related grid planning – support and planning of selective grid expansion measures
  • Concessions – Technical support for grid takeovers
  • Renewal strategy optimisation – Simulative optimisation of the long-term renewal strategy
  • Planning principles – Preparation and further development of planning principles for electricity grids
  • Neutral point treatment – Analysis and consulting on neutral point treatment in distribution grids

Grid protection

  • Protection calculations – Carrying out the necessary grid calculations for the parameterisation of grid protection devices
  • Protection coordination – Analysis, optimisation and creation of grid protection concepts

Equipment design

  • Short-circuit resistance calculation – Testing the thermal and dynamic short-circuit resistance of electrical systems
  • Arc fault calculation – Calculation of the arc fault energy in the event of a fault for the design of personal protective equipment
  • Pressure calculation – Calculation of the pressure development in buildings as a result of an arc fault


  • Training courses – individual training courses on all topics of our range of activities