Innovative protection concept for medium-voltage grids: a milestone for reliability and safety

Medium-voltage grids form the backbone of a reliable energy supply, but are also susceptible to faults and failures. Conventional protection concepts often reach their limits when it comes to quickly detecting and isolating faults in order to maintain the operation of the grid. With this in mind, Stadtwerke Riesa has developed an innovative protection concept based on communication between the protection relays in the grid in accordance with IEC61850 (GOOSE).

As part of our collaboration with Stadtwerke Riesa, we tested this pioneering protection concept and evaluated its effectiveness before the planned implementation. Our process included programming a protection relay model in DIgSILENT PowerFactory to ensure signal processing according to the protection concept

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Modeling the communication between the protective relays enabled us to perform automated short-circuit calculations for various operating states and analyze the results in detail.

Relais Struktur

The test results are convincing: the developed protection concept fully meets the high requirements. The implementation of this concept not only promises precise fault location, but also fast and selective protection tripping. This will significantly improve the reliability of the medium-voltage grid and contribute to more efficient operational management.

The use of IEC61850 and the implementation of a communication-based protection concept mark an important step in the development of modern energy networks. The benefits of this innovation extend far beyond the current situation and lay the foundation for future developments in medium-voltage technology.

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